Track 3

Track 3:
Pathway to Growth


Cybersecurity Compliance, DoD


  • Vicki Michetti, DoD CIO, Director, DIB Cybersecurity Program (Invited)
  • Mary Thomas, DIB Cybersecurity Program (Invited)


Success=Growth=Trouble for Small Business: How to Avoid a Mid-Life (Mid-Size) Crisis for Your Company

Session Description: This panel will explore growth strategies for small companies who are about to become midsize companies. Joining panelists from small and midsize businesses are experts from the public, private and policy sectors to discuss strategies for companies about to become midsize businesses.

Moderator Large Small Business: Ann Sullivan, President, Madison Services Group


  • Jackie Robinson Burnett – Industry Expert, Live Oak Bank
  • Pam Mazza, Partner, PilieroMazza
  • Gail Bassin, Co-CEO/Board Chairperson & owner, JBS International
  • Lisa Firestone, President & CEO, Managed Care Advisors



The Ins and Outs of Preparing a Successful Government Proposal


  • Courtney Fairchild, President & CEO, Global Services
  • Martin Hicks, Vice President, Global Services


Marketing to World’s Largest Customer- The Business Development and Procurement Lifecycle

Session Description: The federal government is the world’s fortune one customer in that it buys more services and products than any other entity in the world. Successful contractors know that one wins contracts when you know about the opportunity well before the RFP is announced, and more importantly, the decision-makers know, trust and want your business as the awardee. But most businesses hit a brick wall when trying to proactively market to the right decision makers before the bid hits the streets. This session is geared to both experienced contractors and those entering the federal marketplace and covers practical steps in identifying the real decision-makers, tips and rules on acceptable marketing tools and tactics, the critical issues of timing, and mistakes that lock you out including eliminating the “chasing the bid” mentality. Speaker Gloria Larkin, president of TargetGov, shares a real-world case study, one of the local awardees propelling TargetGov’s metric to over $4.3 billion in client contract awards in the last six years.


  • Gloria Larkin, President, CEO & Founder, TargetGov


How to Leverage the 8(a) Program to Accelerate Your Success

Panelists: TBA



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