2016 Testimonials


2016 Participant Testimonials

 “The MCCC GovConNet Procurement Conference is the most substantive conference in this region for introductions to other businesses and the government customer.”
Tim Cook, Director of Business Development, Unanet

“I’ve been attending the Conference for five years and this is one of the best conferences every year.”
Gary Allen, Washington Office Interiors, LLC

“People generally don’t follow-up at conferences when you collect dozens of business cards, but I’ve had a lot of follow-up discussions that have come out of this conference.”
Chanaka Perera, Director, Technical Services, LCG

“We travel nationwide for events, and the Procurement Conference is always one of our favorites to attend.”
Gloria Larkin, President, TargetGov

“The vendor-to-vendor interaction is extremely helpful and we’ve gained not only referral partners, but potential clients as well.”
Max Klein, Account Executive, The Insurance Exchange

“Today’s been an awesome day. Over the last five years we’ve been building Bubblee, and decided to launch it at the Procurement Conference because we knew that this was the place where we could attract a lot of customers. It’s been phenomenal.”
David Nguyen, Founder & CEO, United Solutions

“This is our second year, and we are just thrilled. We learned from last year that we didn’t take advantage of getting to meet the other exhibitors. We were expecting that the main benefit would be from the attendees, when in fact we’ve gotten a lot of really good contacts from the other exhibitors. We’re very much looking forward to next year.”
Carl Byrne, President, Evergreen Technologies

“The expo hall has been very beneficial for the vendors because it gives them an opportunity to interact with agencies that they wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to talk to.”
Patrick Williams, Montgomery College

“There is a big mix of state, local and federal agencies, and private sector groups in the expo hall, and at the end of the day, we all came out to support the growth of small businesses.”
2016 Exhibitor

“This is one of the best networking events that I’ve been to, with regard to having conversations with attendees that will really benefit both of us.”
Bobby Ariannejad, Assistant Vice President, Store Manager, TD Bank

“The Procurement Conference creates a great collective environment of all different types of industries. I’ve learned a lot about Montgomery County development in the breakout sessions.”
Clint Williams, Managing Partner, Baxter Associates, LLC

“This has been a great day. I came to the Conference today with about 50 business cards thinking that was more than enough, and I’ve given them all out.”
Ed Wilgus, Senior Contracting Officer, National Institutes of Health

“This is my first time attending the Procurement Conference. It’s been a great day of meeting potential clients and networking with other companies.”
Tin Nwe, Sales Manager, Aramark

“The Conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet other small business owners and at the same time, be able to meet with different federal and state agencies. Being a small business, we’ve always been a solid sub-contractor to the major Prime. The environment has changed, so in talking with representatives of the different agencies, it shed some light on the things we need to do as a small businesses to get to the point of priming. This is my first time at the Procurement Conference and I will definitely come again.”
Domenic Battistella, Vice President, Solutions 3 LLC

“We work a lot in the commercial space and want to explore the opportunities in the federal space. We’ll definitely be back next year.”
Reggie Mathew, CEO, TalTeam

“The breakout sessions were especially beneficial and this has been the best matchmaking session I’ve been to.”
Sudha Mathew, President, TalTeam

“This is a great opportunity to meet lots of agencies in one place at one time. The right people from the agencies are here, and everyone is knowledgeable.”
Melissa Pappas, President, Athena Consulting

“The speakers were very informative with practical applicable information. The information wasn’t the standard information you could look up online. It was material that made it worth coming today. It was also very easy to network with people. This was my first time attending the Procurement Conference and it was very useful.”
Conference Attendee

“I’ve been attending for five years, and it’s always an event I look forward to. It’s the one marketing outreach event that we do that I make sure I never miss.”
David Asofsky, Project Manager, DELTA Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors